Fortress of Amplitude - "NPC" Compendium Book

Fortress of Amplitude - "NPC" Compendium Book

NPC is Fortress of Amplitude�s first book. The 159-page document chronicles hours, days, and years of gaming. This is not Dungeons and Dragons (nor Advanced Dungeons and Dragons) but rather a custom built system with a focus on story, not battle. The creation of this system is the adventure that you follow through exploring the child-to-adolescent world that is NPC.

NPC is full of characters, maps, charts, spells, dreams, drawings, plans, misspellings, believing, and living.

This book is printed on 100% magical manuscript. The spine was bound using ancient dwarf coil binding. This means top quality. NPC comes in a collector�s plastic sleeve with a locker-sized color poster and a 1-inch FoA button.

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