Powdered Wigs is Damien from Houston, Texas.


December 7 2008 - San Diego - Kava Lounge with Nero's Day at Disneyland, Realicide

December 6 2008 - Los Angeles - Echo Curio with White Leopards, Monsturo, Italic Indian, Lucky Dragons

October 4 2008 - Homer - The Kodiak with Wolfblitzer, DJ Curtis Vodka

October 3 2008 - Anchorage - MTS Gallery with Reverse Retro DJs

September 28 2008 - La Jolla - Che Cafe with Fantastic Magic, Dear Nora, Palms

May 27 2008 - La Jolla - Che Cafe with Parenthetical Girls, Pwrful Power, Au

February 22 2008 - El Cajon - Nestor's Fun Hole with Tik///Tik, Xrin Arms, Hours Days, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Oni

January 5 2008 - National City - The Smog Shop with Dommm, La Baterista, Self-Loathing for Dummies

December 5 2007 - La Jolla - Che Cafe (playing bass with Damo Suzuki) with Riververb

November 9 2007 - Los Angeles - The Smell with Dommm, Babyland, Veil Veil Vanish

October 13 2007 - San Diego - Scolaris Office with Sword Heaven, Brian Miller and Kevin Shields, Hours Days

August 1 2007 - Los Angeles - High Energy Constructs with High Places, Soft Circle, Lucky Dragons

July 31 2007 - La Jolla - Che Cafe with High Places, Soft Circle, Pyramid World

April 21 2007 - Olympia - J.C.'s Basement with Lucky Dragons, Eats Tapes, Foque Mopus

April 20 2007 - Seattle - 1412 Gallery with Lucky Dragons, Eats Tapes

April 19 2007 - Portland - Holocene with Lucky Dragons, Eats Tapes

April 17 2007 - Sacramento - Fools Foundation with Lucky Dragons, Eats Tapes

April 16 2007 - San Fransisco - Knockout Bar with Lucky Dragons, Eats Tapes

April 15 2007 - Tijuana Mexico - Tentáculo Bar with Lucky Dragons, Eats Tapes, and Kixly

April 14 2007 - La Jolla - Che Cafe with Lucky Dragons, Eats Tapes, Kixly

April 13 2007 - Los Angeles - The Smell with Lucky Dragons, Eats Tapes, and Tik///Tik

January 6 2007 - La Jolla - Che Cafe with This Song is a Mess but so am I, Yacht, High Places, Kittycat Lollipop, VV Morgue

November 10 2006 - La Jolla - Che Cafe with Dirty Projectors, Bunky


Gang Wizard/Occasional Deroit/Grey Skull/Powdered Wigs split on two cassettes on Scumbag Relations

Three on Ratface Dreamangel

"violin" from Grown Zone Compilation on States Rights Records

"violin 2" from World War Zero Compilation on Deathbomb Arc

Slow Strobe on Breaking World Records

Split with Pedestrian Deposit on Hate State


"sonically, the pedestrian deposit and powdered wigs split cassette stands out....where the pedestrian deposit track is familiar, however, the powdered wigs track is so very foreign. 'stabot matter' seems to disregard any sort of regularity that exists in noise structure. the first minute is pure, unmanipulated classical music. as this fades out a progression of mean, discordant tones dominates before disintegrating into a mess of twisted voice manipulation. finally the noise fades and the creepiest victorian-era song you’ve ever heard plays through the rest of the track." - smooth assailing blog

"Powdered Wigs' "Stabot Mater" [sic] contends for my favorite side of the year: exhibiting a lovely, pilfered (Dvorak?) string arrangement, the track magnifies (or perhaps contracts) into a tasteful abstraction of the composition as an infected macro-organism, parsed into a white-noise rainbow of color-tones and animal erasures; this is fresh, well-conceived, and far, far too short .. an excellent teaser for things to come. Tape comes with a handsome inlay in a brilliant crochet case that seals with a stick. Limited to 100 copies. Ultra recommended!" - animalpsi.com

"Powdered Wigs is one of the strangest acts I've ever seen... and I'm almost ancient enough to start using the phrase "and i've seen it all" ... electronic hardcore meets totaly falling apart DIY meets chamber music meets foolish antics.... only even comparable act i've seen lately is Tik///Tik... which is really funny because david of Powdered Wigs asked if tiktik can be added to one of the shows on this tour (ill be emailing you cano)." - Brian Miller of Deathbomb Arc

"('Slow Strobe' is) my favorite release of 2006, pulses and crushing noise splatters supported by classical music samples (and a Panic! At the Disco sample for the kids) create a crushing experience. Emotion and sound pushed to their extreme, without becoming ridiculous." - entropictarot.com

"(Powdered Wigs)...a special show of practiced nonchallance, frenzy, pretend pretension, carefulness, and peace...high concept emo noise, with accompanying dance performance. unspeakably beautiful." - glaciersofnice.com

"There were a couple people there for the first act, Powdered Wigs. The one guy played interesting, experimental music, blending classical music with classical CHANTING music with loud airplane noises, but then would end with a top forty-esque song or sporting event crowd noises. He sang, but it was mostly for sound effects, not for the sake of actually singing. But for the last song, he got his keyboard and sat on the ground and sang an extremely interesting song... something about Satan and a little boy. The song was kind of warm though and it just seemed sarcastic/ironic to me, but it was an oddly perfect ending to his set." - theinfiniheart

"...ONI had a strange & thoughtful sett, she fit really into her fly black pants, last Powdered Wigs played and it was the most intense/deep sett's ive seen on this conquest. Not one person at this show rubbed me the wrong way, everyone was 100% solid and open minded." - Xrin Arms' blog about our 2/22/08 show


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