Extreme Animals - "Let the Music Take You There"

Extreme Animals - "Let the Music Take You There"

Released by Vicious Pop in the summer of 2008.

"Let the Music Take You There" is EA's first officially pressed CD after 6 years of self-releases. On "Booty Melt" and "Witch Tricks," Cash Money snare-builds explode into a whiplash popsicle stand panic. "Die Zauberflaut" is not just an anthem but a chariot that takes you to a land of freedom. This is not party music this is life music.

Extreme Animals have finally made what was once a dream a reality. Rave. Pop. Rock. ExperiMENTAL. If Darude was alive to read this, I'm sure he'd agree. RIP.

1. Massive
2. Black Bartholomew
3. Get A Job
4. Witch Tricks
5. Kid Forever
6. Die ZauberFlote
7. Booty Melt
8. Rainbow Rock Anthem
9. A Better Way

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