"My new favorite song: your set." - Jessica from Paperrad

"...the king of new new age." - Dave from Urdog

"The best drone metal (???) band since the beginning of time." - Gabe from D Yellow Swans

"...totally engrossing, a big slow monster with a jewled tongue." - tik /// tik

"...like flying to the dark side of the moon on wings of virtuosity." - Ossian from Tagbanger

"New Age keytar and real guitar shreding ala what the future of Bill & Ted was supposed to look like... robes and all! totally intense yet mellow. This high concept, all fun act is mystical, funny, and soothing. Enter a world of holograms!!!" - Neon Hates You Distro

"This is a totally epic atmospheric lofi nightmarish minimal haunted house of a CD that sounds like Sesame Street entering a mysterious vortex of light and sound." - Awthum Records

"Imagine your favorite heavy metal band…mine is Journey. Now imagine taking a journey to the beach. Isn’t it beautiful?" - Retard Riot

"This band consisted of one dude with an amazing axe, dressed as a minstrel, playing the same note over and over while a drum machine blasted out some double bass patterns for half an hour. RIGHTEOUS." - YoDrew.com

"I don't quiet know what to say about Fortress of Amplitude other than he had an amp painted to look like van-halens amp and he played the same note for a REALLY long time." - Cinefamily blog

"Oh Shit" - Matt Brinkman