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Digitour 2005 is over
Nerds get special treatment tour
Grown-up nerd
Fat on tour
Thanks for all the helps and magic

Aug. 19th: San Francisco:
Our best show of the tour. We bought a professional compression pedal. No square waves allowed. Square waves give brain damage. Nice moves by the super fan and thick kid606 fans. Thanks for the troll but you’re a tour to late, me lad. Dreamt I made a myspace page for eats tapes. Or did I?

Aug. 21st:
Swam in a lake and picked up some more trolls and hats. Talked about our childhood.

Chillin' in a pool

Aug. 22nd: Las Vegas House Party:
Whoa. Thanks for the beast. Sorry we left you behind at the house, not my fault. Hit “old” Las Vegas after the show but the lights weren’t on?!?!

Aug. 23rd: LA :
Cool show on a balcony in China town. The dance competition for Las Vegas Pop Rap Rocks turned AKWARD. Sorry!

Aug. 24th: Oakland:
“Don’t cancel the show dudez, its cool!” Greenhouse Graveyard cancelled anyway. Got comfortable and told the extended history of the band. Sorry we didn’t know about file sharing. When did that happen? Crushed these nerds in a massive pog brawl. Wireless but didn’t get any email.

What can I say, we sold a ton of merch thanks to this sign?

Aug. 26th: Olympia
“I am the ghost of Harry Potter.” Creative movement. Amazing Seattle grunge band. Shout out to the dogz (luna). Ate a pizza.

Aug. 27: CTB2fest:
Where am I? Step in the name of love.

Feelin' the vibe in Astoria

Aug. 28th: Portland, OR:
No Girls allowed. Holliganshit rocked the cabin. Next door a lady attacked this “revenge of the nerds” guy with a Polaroid cam at a baila bass funk party. The Rock was definitely in the house in a big way.

Aug. 29th: Vancouver:
Special Late New age set ruled. Met this awesome band Sticks. Talked to cool couple. Email me.

run for the border

Aug. 31st: Oakland:
Split my pants. So many shorts. “Magic.” Thanks for the natural bass enhancement. Forgot my cymbals and delayed the show half an hour.

Sept.1st: LA :
Cool bands. Thanks for the post concert life advice by awesome new/old friends.

Sept. 2nd: San Diego:
Total Recall Shutdown. Venue closed due to Hawaiian cops. Hope you are ok and out of jail. Ate DiGornos at home.