"Turn up my symphony, man, turn up my symphony--drop a beat!" - Wyclef Jean

David Kidney was born in 1977 - the year Charles Mingus, Elvis Presley, and Ronnie Van Zant died and the year the digital camera was born. He has worked with California EAR Unit, Shepherd Symphony Orchestra, Paperrad, Speculum Musicae, Nautical Almanac, Nouvel Ensemble Moderne, Beige Programing Collective, Aspen Contemporary Ensemble, and members of the Bang on a Can All Stars.

Currently David is composing music, playing double bass, and teaching aural skillz in Laguna Beach, CA. His mentor is E.H..

His music is released on RFDA compact disks and tapes.

Here are some pictures of my talks in Houston, Texas at the Media Archeology: New Cinema Festival. I gave one lecture on the history of MIDI and another lecture comparing Jandek and DJ Screw (both from Houston!).