December 8 2006 at the city house (20th and C) Golden Hill, San Diego CA.
December 14 2006 with Dat Politics and Kevin Blechdom at the Che Cafe in La Jolla CA.
JC and the Killers 2007 World Tour (as backup band) - TBA
Your Mom - Last Night

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"Guerilla Style" with Rubbed Raw, Adventures in Night Life at Big Pink in Philly 3/14/06
"Guerilla Style" in New Orleans 2/24/06
Paperrad, Extreme Animals, Hood Rich at UCSD Visual Arts Facility - 2/17/06
Moustache House "European Vacation" Party - 12/9/05
Pathetic Literature Conference at Che Cafe - 11/30/05
E*Rock, Bobby Birdman, Yacht, Naomi at Che Cafe - 11/4/05
RECESS at Porters Pub - Spring 2005

Here is a lo-res image of a bootleg flyer for my pathetic conference appearance!

"So California was pretty cool. Who is DJ George Castanza? God only TROLLS. Dude ripped us sweetly with his master hands on the magic dekkz of sound (that means he is a crappy DJ) No, George I'm only kidding you hard-style, you are my extreme black lab-y homie." from www.teamyacht.com (it's a blog by Jona, Portland composer)

Moustache House Party: European Vacation
pics by Will the Air Guitarist