RFDA Records

"I’ve been in the lab with a pen and a pad trying to get this damn label off" � Doctor Dre

New Items by Extreme Animals and Fortress of Amplitude.

Represent it all from the NC to the T to the X to SO CAL (Daygo). Credits include but are not limited to: Mr. Browneye, D Flower, Rubber Hose, The Condumbs, The Lubricunts, Unleaded Fuel Only, Murder in Montford, Hobz, and the EA. RFDA label was started to represent "contemporary classical" music (David Kidney s/t RFDA#1) to the fullest but got a little side tracked. The whole Fired Down! explosion hasn't exactly helped things. Used to creep in Space City with secret raves under the ice skating rink in the world famous Galleria. Now chill in his so-callie castle in the sky and listen to Ian Van Dahl records.

Prices include postage and handling. International orders please add $2.75 per item. Thank you.